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Thread: 9MM Not "Combat Effective"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuck View Post
    You are correct but during my 24 years in the Army all commissioned officers and senior non-commissioned officers were also issued a side arm. In a combat zone they were also issued a rifle.
    That’s my experience also. Our Navy Corpsman carries a sidearm on the front also.

    One thing I think is important to also make a distinction on when discussing this is the difference in a “war zone”, which could mean the front line operations or, the theatre of operations, which are vastly different in the need for arms.

    Many, many, people may carry a sidearm in the Theatre, but are not making or expecting contact.

    With the exception of specialized small unit structure and mission requirements, the sidearm is meant for convenience than actually fighting.

    And this is just my opinion, but I find it very difficult to try and compare the military needs and requirements with everyday defense minded people who want to be armed, which once again, IMO make the issue of 9mm vs..... a moot point.

    Apparently the M1A isn’t suitable for the needs of the military as a whole, but I’d choose it over their choice for my likes and needs
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    I recall reading an account of sniping where the German snipers of WWI and WWII singled out anyone with binoculars or a pistol.
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