I have a good friend who's husband's family has owned orchards for several generations. I asked her about the immigrants that come in to pick the apples, peaches and berries. She told me that they only hire LEGAL immigrants with green cards. They employ a man who's sole purpose is to verify that every single worker (there are several hundred of them) has a green card that is current and all the paperwork required is up to date and accurate. No one works in their orchards who is in the country illegally.

After the work is done, it takes about 3-4 months depending on what's in season, the workers go back to Mexico to be with their families till the next year. Over the season they send money home. The dollars they earn are worth a lot more in Mexico than they are here; so their pay is pretty good considering the money goes back to Mexico.

ILLEGALS take jobs from LEGAL immigrants. She told me that the workers in their orchards don't like the illegals at all because they (the legal workers) have done the work it took to get a green card and come into the US the right way.

The people who employ illegals should be fined or have their businesses shut down. If that starts happening, you'll see a lot of growers start to comply. They will probably have to pay the green card workers more than they do the illegals, but that would still be cheaper than paying Americans (if you could find any who would do it).

We may all have to pay 50 cents more a head for lettuce, but in the long run, we wouldn't have illegals flooding our country and costing us billions in other ways.

It can be done right and successfully, I know because my friend's family is living proof.