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  1. Good Outing with a New Shooter

    Started by Kilowatt3, Yesterday 11:02 PM
    .22, .357 magnum, 7.62x51, barrel, baseball, car, charter, firearms, fnar, hand, handgun, hunted, magnum, mags, new shooter, python, recoil, rifle, rifles, rounds, safe, safety, security, shooter, shooting, shot, sp101
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    Last Post: Today 10:30 AM
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  2. my opinion

    Started by Subhuman, Yesterday 12:50 PM
    abiding, amendment, america, american, ammunition, ar, arms, assault, attack, attacking, authorities, automatic, barrel, bloomberg, bor, car, case, children, confront, constitution, criminals, defense, democrats, disarming, enforcement, fed, force, government, gun laws, gun owners, guns, hammer, history, home, hunting, internet, judgement, law, law enforcement, legal, liberal, lot, mass shooting, military, militia, murderers, news, open, opinion, president, protect, protection, rifle, rifles, running, safe, safety, semi, semi-automatic, sheep, shoot, shooting, shootings, speed, stock, survival, target, trained, unarmed, weapon, weapons
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    Last Post: Today 10:14 AM
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  3. Letís be like Israel

    Started by SOS24, Yesterday 11:11 PM
    america, ammunition, attack, automatic, federal, force, government, guard, gun laws, guns, handgun, homicide, israel, liberals, military, permit, permits, police, rifle, safety, security, semi, semi-automatic, shootings, threat, united, violence
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    Last Post: Today 10:09 AM
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  4. Sticky Thread Sticky: Word association thread!

    Started by Recon1342, June 29th, 2016 01:03 PM
    452 Pages
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    • Replies: 6,769
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    Last Post: Yesterday 10:40 PM
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  5. Illegals over Sheriffs

    Started by SOS24, February 17th, 2018 06:05 PM
    ar, armor, arrested, ballistic, bullet, caliber, court, crime, criminals, enforcement, force, fraud, illegal, illegal immigrants, illegals, immigrants, immigration, law, law enforcement, legal, legislation, news, officers, protect, required, rifle, rounds, running, sheriff, sheriffs, sheriffís, shootings, texas
    • Replies: 7
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    Last Post: Yesterday 08:40 PM
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  6. Your personal shooting range

    Started by CDRGlock, February 14th, 2018 06:01 PM
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    • Replies: 23
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    Last Post: Yesterday 06:50 PM
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  7. Dad, teens face-off against growling coyote

    Started by RScottie, February 10th, 2018 03:58 PM
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    • Replies: 38
    • Views: 583
    Last Post: February 14th, 2018 07:00 AM
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  8. SUB2000 Impressions

    Started by Kilowatt3, January 28th, 2018 12:50 PM
    9mm, america, american, ammo, attempt, backpack, beat, beretta, brass, bullet, caliber, calibers, car, carbine, carbines, carry, compact, emp, fmj, folder, forge, hammer, hand, home, jhp, laser, long, mags, optics, pistol, pocket, price, range, rifle, rounds, scope, shoot, sights, small, takedown, targets
    • Replies: 6
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    Last Post: February 11th, 2018 03:20 AM
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  9. Remington bankruptcy, seeking financing -- anyone see this?

    Started by SatCong, February 9th, 2018 06:11 PM
    9mm, ammo, ar, arm, case, court, fire, rape, remington, rifle, rounds
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    Last Post: February 10th, 2018 02:29 PM
    by OldVet  Go to last post
  10. Massachusetts bumpstock law.

    Started by nlyric, February 5th, 2018 04:41 PM
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    amendment, american, arrest, arrested, attorney, bail, belt, bump stock, car, case, compass, confiscate, constitution, constitutional, court, crime, encounter, fed, female, fire, forum, founding, gear, group, gun owners, guns, hammer, hand, history, home, illegal, judge, judges, lady, law, lawfully, lawsuit, legal, legislative, long, machine, murder, murders, officer, patriots, permit, permits, pistol, pistols, police, price, private, products, protest, protesting, protestors, rally, registered, required, rifle, riots, safe, sauer, scenarios, semiautomatic, sheriff, sigs, small, stock, suspect, target, texas, trigger, white, woman
    • Replies: 33
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    Last Post: February 9th, 2018 06:19 PM
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    Last Post: February 7th, 2018 01:38 PM
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  11. Sticky Thread Sticky: Anybody order anything, get anything, or expecting anything today?

    Started by PAcanis, June 27th, 2016 09:51 AM
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    Last Post: February 6th, 2018 09:22 AM
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  12. Trump's Super Bowl message

    Started by OldVet, February 4th, 2018 08:39 PM
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    • Replies: 41
    • Views: 611
    Last Post: February 5th, 2018 08:29 PM
    by Nakyak  Go to last post
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 124
    Last Post: February 5th, 2018 07:24 PM
    by Blackhawkgirl  Go to last post
  13. The Photo That Change the War

    Started by chuck, February 1st, 2018 02:08 PM
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    • Replies: 20
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    Last Post: February 4th, 2018 03:22 PM
    by RightsEroding  Go to last post
  14. Going to the range

    Started by 21bubba, January 30th, 2018 12:26 PM
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    .22, 9mm, ammo, analysis, ar, car, cartridge, drawing, fire, firearms, fun, home, hunting, instructor, laser, mag, magnum, maintain, military, officer, open, pdf, private, punching, range, rifle, rounds, running, safe, safety, shoot, shooters, shooting, shots, shoulder, targets, train, trained, training
    • Replies: 16
    • Views: 247
    Last Post: February 1st, 2018 02:39 PM
    by ccw9mm  Go to last post
  15. Grip Angle - or - What I learned on the range today

    Started by ShooterGranny, January 19th, 2018 05:53 PM
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    .22, 1911, 9mm, accuracy, aiming, america, american, arm, arms, arsenal, barrel, brass, carry, carrying, combat, compact, competition, draw, drawing, fire, forcing, fun, glocks, government, group, guns, hand, handgun, home, hunting, loading, long, lot, p238, pistols, price, range, recoil, redhawk, rifle, rounds, semi, shoot, shooter, shooting, shoots, shot, sidearms, sight, sights, sigs, small, snubbie, speed, steyr, suspect, target, train, training, trigger
    • Replies: 22
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    Last Post: January 30th, 2018 09:15 PM
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  16. Sticky Thread Sticky: Until We Meet Again farsidefan1...

    Started by 1MoreGoodGuy, November 30th, 2017 03:41 PM
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    • Replies: 67
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    Last Post: January 28th, 2018 02:56 PM
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  17. Rossi Pump .22

    Started by Kilowatt3, January 25th, 2018 07:14 PM
    • Replies: 1
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    Last Post: January 27th, 2018 07:40 PM
    by Kilowatt3  Go to last post
  18. Shot Show 2018 - Interesting Videos and New Products

    Started by Blackhawkgirl, January 25th, 2018 07:05 AM
    america, american, ammo, ar, assault, brownells, card, carry, concealed, concealed carry, firearms, group, guns, hammer, instructor, lot, mags, military, news, nfa, open, optics, paint, price, priced, products, psa, registration, rifle, rifles, shoot, shooting, shot, sight, small, tavor, tent, weapon, weapons
    • Replies: 10
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    Last Post: January 26th, 2018 12:43 PM
    by wrongrecroom  Go to last post
  19. Uberti 1876 Winchester Centennial Range Report

    Started by Oldschool Ozarker, January 25th, 2018 03:07 AM
    .45, adapter, artillery, attempted, barrel, beat, black, brass, bullet, bullseye, caliber, car, cartridge, cartridges, case, chambered, chambering, favorite, fire, fun, government, grains, guns, hand, hunt, lever, loaded, long, lube, magazine, pistols, plinking, powder, powders, punched, range, recall, recoil, reloading, required, rifle, rifles, rounds, sharp, sharps, shoot, shooting, shot, shoulder, sights, target, targets, test, trigger, war, winchester
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 203
    Last Post: January 26th, 2018 09:37 AM
    by OldVet  Go to last post
  20. guns and family - a serious question

    Started by ShooterGranny, January 21st, 2018 11:08 PM
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    ar, army, arrest, authorities, barrels, batf, constitution, court, federal, federal law, firearms, government, guns, handgun, home, illegal, interstate, law, legal, license, licensed, long, police, private, protect, protection, reading, recall, residents, rifle, senate, shotgun, surviving, tent, united
    • Replies: 18
    • Views: 352
    Last Post: January 23rd, 2018 03:10 PM
    by Ghost1958  Go to last post
  21. Wilson Combat .458 HAM'R AR rifle -- a new carbine

    Started by ccw9mm, January 20th, 2018 02:33 PM
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 45
    Last Post: January 20th, 2018 02:33 PM
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  22. ATF Rules Might Just Ban Your Semi Auto

    Started by Kennydale, January 18th, 2018 11:21 PM
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    .22, 2nd amendment, abiding, agent, agents, amendment, america, ammo, ammunition, anti-gun, ar, assault, attack, attempt, attempts, authority, auto, automatic, awareness, background, bump stock, carry, case, confiscation, constitutional, court, criminal, democrats, disarm, emp, explosives, federal, firearms, flag, force, forced, government, gun owners, guns, history, home, infringement, judges, law, law abiding, legal, legislation, legislative, liberal, machine, military, national reciprocity, news, nfa, open, policy, politics, president, reaction, reciprocity, restrictions, rifle, rkba, rtkaba, safe, safety, semi, semi-automatic, shooting, small, stock, texas, war, warrants
    • Replies: 20
    • Views: 459
    Last Post: January 20th, 2018 01:17 PM
    by ccw9mm  Go to last post
  23. How reliable is an AK 47?

    Started by SurvivalCorps, December 20th, 2017 12:31 AM
    3 Pages
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    • Replies: 36
    • Views: 947
    Last Post: January 18th, 2018 03:15 PM
    by JonathanG  Go to last post
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