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Subhuman replied to the thread Isabelle's Shiny New Shootin' Outfit.
" Ok I just got a good look at your new holster and I was wrong it isn't built off of his Shadow design, the face looks like it but the whole back is completely different, still I do like how it gives you that slight drop leg position with that top mounted belt loop, very nice, my mistake on saying it was a shadow design, cant see a lot of detail on this little phone screen "

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Subhuman replied to the thread What were you doing 50 years ago (1969)?.
" 2 years from existing "

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Subhuman replied to the thread Isabelle's Shiny New Shootin' Outfit.
" That is his Shadow holster and it is absolutely awesome, I have one for my Sig 1911 5" and it carries and draws beautifully from that holster, mine has a forward cant and the muzzle clears at the bottom of my belt line with very little upwards motion on the draw. That holster of yours is a "working showpiece " that will serve you well, Bangbang makes some awesome holsters "

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Subhuman replied to the thread The Goose gets an upgrade..
" awesome news Old Vet, Glad you got it smoothed out "

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Subhuman replied to the thread Glock has returned to my home.
" We walked out to the range and my wife stopped on my 15 yard stake, I looked at her, raised my eyebrow and asked if that was where she was shooting from, she said she was close enough and proceeded to put 3, 5 round mags at the target strong hand only with a new to her pistol and put 11 into that 12" target with 3 in the center circle, 2 low, a few left of it and a few walking up off the target, she was shooting that little glock pretty dang fast so those were really good as far as I'm concerned, then she looks at my side and asks "can I shoot that?" My Colt officers. 45 I put a 8 round mag for the Sig in it and handed it to her, she did two hand the little beast but beat the snot out of the center of that target only losing one that I saw her double on recoil.....she then says that one kicks too much
As for the little Glock she loves it and says it works much better for her than the Shield.
23 shots fired 18 within the target from 2 guns she had never touched before...not too shabby
Wife's target

https://i.imgur.com/KfAAZX5.jpg "

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Subhuman created the thread Glock has returned to my home.
" the Shield has been my wife's pistol since I brought it home and she shot it, since that time I have had to sneak it out to shoot it although I have been allowed to clean it anytime she thought it was dirty lol. For the past 6-8 months she has complained louder and louder about the Shield, it is hard for her to rack, the safety is hard to disengage and engage, she can't load but a few round into the mag without a loader ,and she wanted something a little smaller....problem with smaller is most of her complaints with the shield are magnified with a smaller pistol with the added factor of a harsher recoil so enter the G42.. the little glock has an easy rack slide, no safety to fiddle with, the mags are very easy to load and it is a soft shooting pistol for a little 380,,,problem? every place around here thinks they are gold and they run around $450 new and if you can find one used in the area it $400 so pickins have been kinda slim until yesterday I spotted one in the case at the EPS when I wandered through yesterday, it was priced at $369 with just 1 mag that was in it, we discussed it and I asked about trading the Shield Eric surprised me when he said since I bought the Shield from him new he would give me 80% of what I paid on trade for it...I bought that Shield when they were untouchable for $435 , so I swapped it and 3 Mags for the G42 and he owes me a mag ,( this is of course after approval from SWMBO to trade of her pistol) so here in a little while we are going to go out and get her comfortable with the littlest Glock and see if she can shoot it as good as she did the Shield, she was very happy with feel in her hand and trigger when she handled it yesterday so hopefully the match will blossom further on the range today....now I've gotta find at least 2 more mags for it for spares...
oh here is a picture , not a fan of the 2 tone color but both of us can live with it if it will work for her.


more pic will follow later today after some gunfire. "

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Subhuman replied to the thread Anyone got tips on good eats in Houston?.
" Kelly's country cooking down in Pasadena is really good "

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Subhuman replied to the thread What makes you "trust" a firearm?.
" I have pulled them out of the box, run a couple of mags through them and dropped them in my holster, good enough, if it's going to choke on my carry ammo it will do it quick or it will run it other than that anything can fail at any time for any reason it's up to us to be competent enough to handle the problem. "

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Subhuman replied to the thread the P226 & P229 what I think.
" which is better ? lol for me, the 229 just checks everything a little bit better but once again it's a marginal difference and a feel thing, I will put a spring kit and a SRT in the P226 when I get the chance and that should close the gap in the trigger feel between the 2 and make sure it runs smoothly into the future .
I have about $650 in the 229 and I got a smoking deal on the 226, it had .40 and .357 barrels 7 mags and the case for $609.99 out the door so I grabbed it took it with me lol

If I could only have one of them it would be the P229 but I'm on of those guys lucky enough to own them both "

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Subhuman replied to the thread the P226 & P229 what I think.
" how do they shoot?
like all clasic P- series Sigs, better than I do and they handle the 40/357 recoil like champs too

the 226 with 357 barrel
the 40 barrel

the 229 .40

Now speaking of shooting between the 2 the 229 just has the better trigger hands down, it is very smooth through the DA stroke and the SA is superb and it has the SRT so the 226 isn't in the same game as the 229 is, butit is a good stock Sig trigger, it's not draggy or crunchy it moves smoothly in DA and breaks cleanly in SA it just seems to lack a little something that my 229 has it's one of those hard to explain feel things that most others picking them up and shooting then wouldn't notice unless they are really shooters, a minimal thing but it's there. "

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Subhuman replied to the thread the P226 & P229 what I think.
" what about carrying them?
It's a wash between them I carry both in OWB pancakes, Good holsters & good belt , just no difference on my hip, I have also had both in an AIWB holster all day moving, driving sitting....normal daily grind , both work for me in this position too
Sorry the little colt is a camera hog and joined in

this is both Pistols in my Alamo, built for the 229

https://i.imgur.com/kJLe4az.jpg "

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Subhuman replied to the thread the P226 & P229 what I think.
" the mags side x side , both 12 rounds

the guns in my shooting hand


the slight difference in mag wells

what does that difference do? the 229 mag will not go into the 226 magwell and if it did it would not lock in, but the 226 mag will go in and lock into the 229, they have functioned flawlessly in the 229 on the range too

https://i.imgur.com/sZqF7Iw.jpg. "

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Subhuman created the thread the P226 & P229 what I think.

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Subhuman created the thread Sub's got a pony.
" Say hello to my new 1988 Colt 1911 Officers model MK IV Series 80




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Subhuman created the thread Norinco SKS.
" I keep this under the edge of my bed and ready to go at a moments notice, had this SKS and a 1000 round battle pack for years just sitting on standby, been nearly 5 years since I shot it probably need to re-zero it at 100 yards for myself , my eyes have gone away quite a bit since the last time I had it out.




even has the triple bladed spike bayonet

I'm a pistol guy at heart with a few rifles, a 10/22 and a 12 ga pump defender....I know the old SKS isn't that sexy or modern but it can bring the pain to any point of my property if called upon to do so and I guess that's about all that you can ask for "

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Subhuman created the thread Sigs Siren call.
" A P227 sas is sitting in the display case in town, with a little skillful horse trading it won't be there by lunchtime tomorrow "

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Subhuman created the thread WTB #6/6 or 6/7 sig sights.
" Anyone got a set of stock 9mm/.357 sig contrast sights in the parts drawer? I'm going to set the 226 up for .357 sig and the 6/6 or 6/7 seems to be the stock set up for the 115-124 gr bullet so if anyone wants to part with a set let me know "

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Subhuman created the thread WTB Sig P230 extractor.
" I found a P230 at the pawn hop this morning and pointed out to them it's missing the extractor, they want $230 for it but I think I can get it in the $180-200 area with it missing parts, I've got a hold on it while I'm hunting for an extractor, spring, and retaining pin...any of y'all have some extras you are willing to part with "

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Subhuman created the thread S&W 64-3.
" youngest son said dad I want a revolver, I said the Evil Pawn Shop has one I took him , he fondled and said "mine" so he now own this smooth as butah model 64 4" heavy barrel beauty




first 6 shots for me at 7 yards to see where it shot 130 gr UMC FMJ

then i pulled over on the 3" target and shot 6 DA with that oh so smooth trigger and turnend in this group ,2 in same hole to the right , the other 4 where you see them, the one under the barrel is an earlier shot

His groups was getting smaller fast before the box ran empty he is tickled to death with it, price tag was $459 but with my Subhuman discount he got it for $400 OTD after taxes
https://i.imgur.com/HJSaNcf.jpg "

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Subhuman created the thread Sig P226 .357 & 40 S&W.
" P226 Sig .357 & .40S&W
I have an addiction and at a price like this I caved like a cheap beer can
$10 for grips
total $609.99

and before you think well that is just a semi decent price... look in the box
3 15 round mags
3 12 round mags
1 10 round mag
357 Sig barrel in the pistol in the pistol
extra .40 S&W barrel in the box
set of Pacmeyer grips for $10

needless to say it left with me, A range report is to follow of course "

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Subhuman created the thread Rock island 22 TCM rifle.
" For those who own one of the22/9mm Rock island 1911 pistols here is you a bolt action companion that will accept the 17 round mags along with the 5 round mag that comes with it...I likey

https://youtu.be/tzPsuJJkUaA "

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Subhuman created the thread Walmart clearing some ammo.
" Walmart seems to be cleaning out all 50 round boxes of Winchester Train and Defend ammo. JHP & FMJ in all calibers I've saw 147 9mm fmj for $9 and JHP for $15 I've seen..380, .38 spec. 40 and .45 ,all I. 50 round boxes fro $9-15 go look at your local Walmart, bottom of the ammo cases, big yellow clearance stickers....ya'll go stock up before it's all gone "

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Subhuman created the thread A study in design.
" BangBang Gunleather;


Alessi CQC Commander


these holsters are a Hybrid pancake design that have snap close loops to attach it to the belt instead of belt slots in the holster body like a pancake holster such as my Alamo for my P229


the Advantage of these snap on holsters are ease of removal/attachment over a regular belt slotted holster, BangBang used a fuller body with an under to over belt loop on this prototype he was trying out based on the older Alessi and no mouth stiffener , but the holster body supplies more support to the loops than the Alessi which has more of a wing type loop with an Over to under loop attachment ,difference being unsnap the Alessi loops and pull the holster up to remove, Unsnap the BangBang and pull the holster down to remove, the BangBang has a wider body and curves around and into the hip whereas the thinner body of the Alesi sits more "on" the hip instead of with it, little less comfortable , little less stable IMOP .

the BangBang also runs more cant than the Alessi but less than my Alamo and although the snap on holsters hold the gun high and the gun touches my side they do not ride as stable or as tight to my body as the Alamo Pancake holster does, but if you have the need to disarm during your day than the snap on/off holsters are far mor convenient than the traditional Pancake Holsters, I use the Bang Bang quite often with my 229,40B and P07 but not near as much as I carry in the beautiful detail boned Alomo.

give me your thoughts and chip in if you use either type of holster.
Happy Friday y'all "

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Subhuman created the thread $13.03.
" Yep that's what I gave for the box of 50 .45acp at walmart today.
Never shot any of these but at 230 gr. and 850 fps from a 5" barrel and with that big flat point it would probably make a pretty decent woods walking round with lots of crushing penetration. for the price I grabbed it, unfortunately it was the last box there, any of y'all shot these and did I get a good deal ?




I will put a few through the 1911 next weekend and see where they hit "

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Subhuman created the thread Polish P64 9mm Mak.
" After lots of aggravation the Tomcat went to the pawn shop this morning and transformed into this P64 along with an old timer mini Bowie that iv'e had for several years.
the P64 was developed in the late 50s in response to the Soviet push to standardize on the 9mm Mak for all military side arms.
It is a 6 shot , blow back operated pistol that closely resembles the Walther ppk but is claimed to be a total design by the Military Institute of Armament Technology, it entered service in 1964 replacing the 7.62 mm Tokrov as the military side arm, the P64 is no longer produced and is being replaced by WIST-94 in 9x19 but is still in the Polish military and police inventories.

Weight 22 oz
length 6.3"
height 4.6"
Barrel is 3.3"
capacity 6 rounds

this one was built in 1977




https://i.imgur.com/9bThsyn.jpg "

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Subhuman created the thread Savage Model1899.
" the savage model 1899 was the final design of the 1892 wich was developed to compete for the replacement of the 1873 Springfield but lost out to the Krag Jorgensome rifle, following some more refinments it became the Model 1895 wich won the 1896 competition to become the rifle of the New York National Guard but do to a political controversey the contract was canceled , after another round of refinment the rifel became the model 1899 wich was later shortend to the Savage 99. the Savage 99 finally got to serve in WW1 with the Montreal Home Guard as the Model 99D Musket (it had a bayonet lug and a "military style " stock they ordered 2500 unit in .303 Savage.
In the civilian world the 99 was in production from 1899-1998, it is a hammerless lever action originaly fed by a rotary 5 shot magazine and later models had a detachable box magazine, the advantage of the 99 over other lever action rifles was the the rotary mag allowed the use of high performanc "Spitzer" (pointed) bullets over the round nose bullets that the tubular magazines of other lever actions used.
Over it's 100 years of production it was chambered in;
.303 Savage
32-40 Winchester
300 Savage
30-30 Winchester
25-35 Winchester
.250 Savage
.22 Savage Hi-Power
.243 winchester
.308 Winchester
.358 winchester
7mm-08 Remington
.284 Winchester
.38-55 winchester
.375 winchester
.410 shotgun

All of this to give a little back story for mine "

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Subhuman created the thread Tru-Glo TFO.
" picked up a set for $65 and put them on my 40B today going to use them some and see if I like them



I will run a few mags when I get it home and post up some range results with them "

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Subhuman created the thread SR 1911 light weight officer's model.
" I looked at this little 1911 in a gun store this afternoon and I was instantly enamored with it, smooth action, good trigger, light and comfortable in my hand and although the frame color is subdued it is stunning when you really look at it, it is a mix of pewter/blue that is hard to describe with blue/black G10 grips withe Ruger's phoenix wing etched into the grip and a brushed stainless slide price on it was $600 , my wallet is scared of me returning to that store but it will be a pain in the butt to buy it here in La. and have it shipped home....may have to talk to Eric at the Evil Pawn Shop and see if he can find me one at this price point



Any of y'all have or have shot this little 1911? what do you think of it? "

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Subhuman created the thread shooting the P07.
" had I little bit of time saturday so I grabbed the P07 and ran a bax if 115 gr Magtech through it.


21 ft trying to hold a constant point of aim, sstill shooting left pretty bad with this one, not going to drigt anything until I get a set of XS sights on it though.

10 rounds

12 rounds on the 12" plate from 30 feet fast as I could see it


I really like the P07, good solid pistol so far, not as smooth as my 229 but it doesn't suck at all "

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Subhuman created the thread Brandenburg Kentucky.
" Home sweet home for the next 2 weeks and it's freaking freezing here right now, heck of a change from the Texas gulf coast where I've been working for the past 2 months "

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Subhuman created the thread Options are the secret to EDC.
" there is no such thing as a perfect EDC set up (sorry to you G19 guys), there is no 1 pistol 1 holster option that is going to let you carry everywhere every day so give yourself as many options as you canand always keep an open mind to trying something new.

this is how I achieve a near EDC solution.

micro pistol; 32 tomcat
This little guy in an Uncle Mikes #3 fits even in my Wrangler Gold Buckle jeans that fit the way jeans are supposed to fit, plus it easily slips into any of my short's pockets. its mostly a backup pistol but if all I'm wearing is shorts and sandals I can still be armed


small deep concealment with power; Shield 9mm
This is my smallest do it all pistol and is many peoples only pistol , like I said no single pistol can do it all
but the Shield gets close as does the G43 and P938, but even at this size it takes multiple holsters to make them all around players.
The way I do it.

belly band

Remora sticky type holster

Blackhawk CQC belt holster
https://i.imgur.com/fSnFD2N.jpg "

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Subhuman created the thread Marlin M62 levermatic.
" I was thinking back through the years and this little rifle came to mind, my dad had it and a Ruger Blackhawk both chambered in 30 carbine and from about 8years old until I nearly 12 I put a lot of military surplus ammo through those 2 guns and I was an absolute terror on cans bottles and anything else I could get in my sights....a money slump caused dad to sell the rifle and the pistol was stolen out of my truck as a teenager....yeah young, dumb, and probably a so called friend.
This is a combination I would love to own as a semi intelligent adult and I bet both would be awesome with the Hornady 110 gr. ftx load....maybe someday it will happen.

If any of you own or have shot one of these little levermatics chime in "

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Subhuman created the thread 3 little carry blades.
" https://i.imgur.com/9SFBaRc.jpg
CRKT S.P.E.W. w/ neck sheath
Kershaw special agent
Buck Mavericks
All 3 are wicked sharp and carry very well, now if the Esse 5 would show up, much larger beast than these little guys though lol "

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