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Sporadic replied to the thread Any Photographers here? Looking at Digital SLR Cameras and would like recommendations.
" I understand the satisfaction and pleasure of editing and printing your own photos as I did with Black and White in USAF photo hobby shops. But I am not a purest.
How are you going to display your photo after you have perfected the details? Prints? Digital?Will the photos be for your personal enjoyment? For friends and family? For public display (the internet)?
I have a Nikon D5100 with a 18 to 55 mm lens and a 55 to 300mm telephoto lens. I worry about damage and theft ... did I remember to charge the batteries ... the bulk of the camera and accessories while traveling ... all reasons for me to leave it in the closet.

The iPhone Xs Max is always in my pocket ... the photos go instantly to the cloud and are available for display on my iPad Pro 10.5 (a perfect format for photos) or large screen TV or internet publication. IOS 13.2.3 included a huge bundle of editing tools.

Just my own reasoning.
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Sporadic replied to the thread Watch A Great Movie Lately?.
" Logan Lucky. A full blast satire of southern stereotypes. Daniel Craig steals the show. "

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Sporadic replied to the thread How does one use a "safe" word while being choked to death ..hmm.
" Many years ago a “Bondage” convention was held in Missouri ... the theme was “Beat Me in St Louis”. "

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Sporadic created the thread Mormans and mexican drug cartels (2012).
" Wow. Giant eye opener for me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpIyaIHsJbc
Language warning ...( not by the Mormans) "

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Sporadic created the thread German Ancestor search.
" Looking for German ancestors. Has any one used an internet ancestor search site ... paid or free that they were happy with? "

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Sporadic created the thread This ainít no little pocket knife.
" Just received this Spyderco Resilience from an eBay purchase.
It has a 4.25 inch blade and has that ďsubstantialĒ feel. The Benchmade in the picture has a 2.9 inch blade for comparison. This is now my EDC.
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Sporadic created the thread Changing carry gun.
" What? Accuracy directly relates to practice? All strings are about one shot per second or a little faster. The red square are shots from my pocket carry Ruger LCR (38spec) at 7 yds. I had not shoot it for 6 months. The yellow square are shots from my carry Glock 23 (.40) at 10yds. I shoot it once a month. The green square are shots from my PPQ M2 (9mm) at 10 yds. I shoot an average of 1.5 times a week. I practice a lot with my 9mms. Itís the cheapest ammo now. So yes ... Iím switching my carry to one of of my PPQs.
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Sporadic created the thread Early tactical thigh holster.
" Check out the gunslinger rig on this air crew member.
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Sporadic created the thread Happy trader.
" Traded my Glock 34 for this used PPQ M2 at Mo Money Pawn Shop in above-average-crime-rate area of Phoenix. What a great experience for an old timer like myself. Every common item made since the 50s seemed to be in this huge pawn shop. And the characters (clients) that hock or redeem their items could be right out of Breaking Bad. Oh .... Iím very happy with the deal.
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Sporadic created the thread VA and wheelchairs and guns.
" I donít remember hearing about this incident.
New VA Policy Aims to Stop Veterans from Hiding Guns in Wheelchairs

Week of June 17, 2019
The Department of Veterans Affairs now has a policy requiring veterans in wheelchairs to switch to ones provided by the facility during emergency room visits to make sure they're not hiding guns, a top VA official testified Tuesday. The policy was adopted following a February incident at the West Palm Beach, Florida, VA Medical Center in which a double-amputee patient pulled a weapon from his motorized wheelchair and fired at least six shots in the emergency room, wounding a doctor in the neck and injuring two staff members, said VA official Renee Oshinski. Oshinski said the wheelchair transfer policy is directed at all VA medical centers, but she couldn't vouch for how many had put it into effect besides the West Palm Beach facility. Read more about the policy on Military.com. "

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Sporadic created the thread Memorial Day 2019.
" Windy Memorial Day 2019
Boy scouts setup American Flags in our Subdivision.
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