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GraySkies replied to the thread New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. City of New York.
" That was also my assertion on another forum about this. The court will rule on this, and perhaps invalidate the principle of the law, if they should choose to re-enact it, but I'm betting they will rule on such a narrow basis that it won't set precedent for any other gun laws to be challenged. Then they will go back to sleep and ignore the RTKBA for another 10 years.

If anyone protests, they will use this case as their "proof" that they don't ignore the 2nd.

This has been their track record. They have consistently refused to clamp down on lower courts who continue to ignore Heller and McDonald, and have staunchly refused to provide the clarification that Heller still needs for it to be proper precedent.

If this is going to be different, I won't believe it until I BOTH see it, and see their willingness to enforce its application with the lower circuit courts. I'm not holding my breath... "

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GraySkies replied to the thread I admit it ... I feel prey to black Friday ....
" Nice truck!

Was at my Dad's place on Thanksgiving, and his Keurig quit working. Since he's so dependent on it to help keep him going at his age, I decided to brave black friday at Walmart to get him a new one. Found a replacement for HALF what they normally cost, and also found some great deals on some stuff I wanted to get my son for Christmas. The store wasn't much more crowded than normal, either. I've been avoiding black friday for many years. It was worth it this year! "

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