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Blackhawkgirl created the thread Trigger Pull on a Beretta M9 .22LR..
" Have you ever shot both a 9mm and a .22lr Beretta M9?

I have the 9mm version and the first DA trigger pull is a bear at about 12 lbs. I am wondering if it is the same for the .22lr version of the Beretta M9, or if it is lighter because of the lighter caliber. How about racking the slide? Is it easier on the .22lr because of lighter springs?

I want to use it to supplement training I am giving, and I do have older more frail clients. I am not looking for recommendations on other training guns, I just want to explore the viability of the M9 for a specific purpose I have in mind before I buy one.

Thank you for any info you can provide. "

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