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Plain Manner created the thread Man accidentally shoots himself at Kroger gas station..
" HUNTINGTON, WV. (WSAZ) – A man was hurt Monday evening in an accidental shooting at the Kroger gas station in the 2600 block of 5th Avenue, Huntington Police say.

A man accidentally shot himself in the chest at the Kroger gas station in the 2600 block of 5th Avenue in Huntington.
The incident happened around 5:30 p.m. when the man dropped his gun, shooting himself in the chest.

He was alert when he was taken to the hospital. Police say his condition is stable.

No one else was hurt during the incident, but the gas station was temporarily closed to customers as police investigated.

Note #1 : I lived in Huntington for years and years. I will bet that he wishes that he had that day to live over.


Note #2: This is my first post on WeWe as well. And if it was me, I would reconsider my choice of ammo, because I want mine to leave an impression.
And my thinking is, if I am alert and talking, after shooting myself in the chest, my ammo stinks. "

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