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" That ammo was probably lubed with a bacon-based lubricant. Just sayin'. "

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" Prayers for your brother in law. "

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" Third or multiple political parties in this country are not new, in fact, in the past we have had several all vying to win for their candidate of what position in the Government they were wanting. It's just that the two major parties have outdone the others and are just stronger.

I can remember in the past there was a Communist party candidate on one of our ballots. He didn't get many votes, but there it was, a "3rd" party. We have had others too, Libertarians have had candidates and in West Virginia, we have a local "Mountain Party." I'm sure other states have those kinds as well.

It's just that we have morphed into a two-party strong system that wants to kill each other in the elections. "

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Quote Originally Posted by nedrgr21 View Post
Don't work for them, I prepare tax returns - thousands of them over the years. I've also taught an introductory tax class. Just pointing out not everyone at the IRS is a bad apple - you are the one attacking an entire agency b/c of one experience. I'm just putting out my own experiences with the same agency and contrasting that to my experience dealing with the public and the root of problems they have with their taxes. Every year I see people try to deduct things that are not deductible simply b/c they were too lazy to read the rules or "their friend told them so" like the guy who bought $3k of camera equipment and wanted to write it off as a hobby expense b/c it was his new "hobby" - sorry, not how that works and the rules are very clear. You attack them for illogical rules, when it's Congress that wrote the rules, not the IRS.

My best advice to you, if you are really interested, is to take a class where someone with experience can show you the logic behind the rules and how to read the rules. Lots of eyes get opened during those classes and time and again comments like "so that's why they do that" and "oh, that does make sense" are heard. There's no conspiracy. For 95% of the public, the rules are very straightforward and you just follow them step by step - the problem is few people have the patience to do that; the rules that can get confusing apply mostly to businesses and can require a background in accounting to readily understand. Rules that you think are screwy are probably that way b/c someone at one point was abusing the system so more wordage had to be applied or b/c of compromises made in Congress.

So you deal with one bad apple and are ready to throw out the whole bunch and challenge someone that has dealt with many more than you with overall good results, but they are 'holier than thou'? May want to think on that a bit.
One, yes, I did attack the "entire" IRS Agency in a way that should seem positive for them to correct the mistakes their people make. The tax code is hard to understand and why does a person need to take classes to understand something that should be written to be understood?

The bold highlighted part of your response now clues me into that you think that "I'm too lazy" to read the tax code. Well? So now you are on an attack of sorts. Fine, if you think I and others are too lazy to read the stuff that in some cases is even hard for the experts to read, then that is your opinion as well. Like your statement, just because someone can't understand some tax stuff, now they all are too lazy to read it, or need get some education.

My opinion of the IRS has been there a long time because not only me having a bad experience but others who have had similar or even worse. The Agency as a whole does need a big dose of house cleaning to make their public image a bit better and the ones who actually have that holier than thou attitude do not help their public image. The woman who did my audit should have NEVER worked there because she had prejudices of people even before they came in and her attitude came out instantly as we came into her office. She's not the tax police, she is there to help taxpayers do the correct thing and not treat them like common thieves.

Recently under the Obamacare crap, the IRS was weaponized by the Obama administration. That is also a sore point with me and lots of others too.

Thank you for your response, I will consider some of your suggestions. "

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" I think the real focus should be on the ones who perpetrated this. One was gay and not to down anyone of that persuasion, I happen to know plenty of them and have no problem with them being that way if they feel compelled to do so. The other was a female transitioning into a male. Both of them felt they were "victims" of some kind of bullying, abuse or other such things and what do they do? They lash out with firearms, which is exactly how the Leftists seem to want to happen ( conspiracy theory and all) so they can push further gun grabbing.

You would think that since Leftists hate guns so much that the people they keep trying to champion as victims, (gays, trans, illegals, whatever) would discourage them from using a firearm to wreak vengeance against their perceived enemies and this does not fit the agenda of Left leaning folk, using a firearm to commit a crime. According to them, only legal gun owners and those who want the 2nd Amendment to stay in place are the ones who do these things. Something about this whole deal does not add up.

Perhaps it is a new avenue for the gun haters to go down so they can get more support for their agenda.

Just a thought, not a conspiracy. "

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Quote Originally Posted by nedrgr21 View Post
Mileage is not that hard and if she had trouble understanding that aspect of your return, she shouldn't have prepared it. The reading "grade level" of the tax code is 7th or 8th grade. I've actually taught taxes and most people stop reading the instructions at the first punctuation mark encountered. You also have to resist the urge to stop looking as soon as you seem to find what you want to find - instead of what the rule actually says. I've encountered that with people with both of us looking at the text at the same time on numerous occasions.
I am asking a question in a very nice fashion. Do you work for the IRS? Seems like you might due to the way you keep defending those whose attitude towards the taxpayer even before an audit occurs gives some clues. If you do that's fine, I don't have a problem with it, I am just curious about the massive defense about them after my statements towards the agency and their employees. You don't have to answer the question or continue to defend them, I know your position, you know mine.

IRS forms and all that are to me, misleading and hard to understand on purpose. They want you to have deductions, but make it difficult to really understand it so that you will give up and not take a deduction you are entitled. Yes, I have read the forms, numerous times and sometimes they make no sense whatsoever. To me, a very clever way of keeping people from deducting the correct way.

This is just my opinion, however, as I have stated earlier, not all IRS people are like the lady who did my audit all those years ago. At that time, I was working as an Insurance Salesperson and scraping out a living for my family, just barely. The IRS Rep was nasty, plain and simple and she needed some "sensitivity" training to work with the public. Her actions gave a the IRS to me a black eye and that is how I have viewed them from that point on. We never got an apology for her action either, but she did finally cool off and became somewhat human again after the threat to go to her supervisor for an attitude adjustment which she sorely needed.

I know these agents deal with all kinds of people who are trying to scam the system, no doubt, but they don't need to cop the holier than thou nasty attitude either. Actions like hers do little to sway the public opinion of the agency, especially mine. Sometime in the 1990's I believe, the IRS did try to make their image a bit better with a massive ad campaign on how they were straightening up the place and becoming a "kinder, gentler" IRS. Well, I did not buy it, much sorry to say. I hope they did, but real change in them seems to come slowly.

I've said all I'm saying. Unless I see some real change in them, their policy, their attitude, then my stance upon them stands firm. I don't wish any ill will towards any agent but I'm not going to roll over and allow them to treat me and others like that person did. I don't believe that is the way to operate. "

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Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
Then how come I never get bourbon ads on my computer, huh Alexi?
Alexi is Russian, probably short for Alekseyev. The other name is Alexa and it probably did not understand you unless you speak Russian. "

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Quote Originally Posted by nedrgr21 View Post
Sorry, but you did not follow instructions - hence them returning your return for the required signature: "Filing as Surviving Spouse". You can write/type/stamp deceased as many times as you want, but it doesn't amount to a signature.

Jojo: I've dealt with more agents than most and most are polite and if you approach them with a professional attitude, they generally respond in kind. I get clients that try to argue with me about mileage, but it usually comes down to they don't take the time to understand the rules as set forth by Congress. Of course, there are bad apples, but the same be said for all professions. The IRS has cracked down on mileage in the past 10 or so years b/c so many people abuse the deduction - to the point now that you can't even take it unless you own your own business/receive a 1099. I've had clients try to claim so much mileage it took me 5 lines in Excel to prove they would have had to drive at 120 mph for their entire 9 hr shift to drive the miles they were claiming - and that doesn't include stopping for gas, bathroom, or even perform their job duties. If you think the IRS auditor was bad, it was probably b/c she had already dealt with 10x as many people feeding her bull excrement like she was an idiot.
If you think the rules are illogical, you haven't taken the time to actually think about them or even read - the overwhelming majority are very logical, until you get to parts where Congress is either trying to sway public actions like punishing gambling or rewarding charitable giving or actually giving some people other people's money simply b/c they managed to reproduce. Before you go about scrapping the system, think about this: for the avg family of 2 adults/3 kids, they pay no fed income tax until they make more than about $78k/yr (it was $50 before the new tax changes). All these people bitching about the tax breaks the 1% get (those making over $250k in most areas) when they pay nothing into the system at all drive me bat crap crazy - don't worry about how much less others are paying, when you don't pay a damn dime or are even getting something you didn't work for out of the system (if your refund > Box 2 of your W2(s) you're being subsidized, not paying taxes)
I did not infer to the point that all IRS reps are nasty, yes, like any other government institution there are the bad ones.

I happen to be a Real Estate Appraiser for our local County Assessor for 27 years and you should hear the complaints and what I get called due to the fact I have to do a job that 99% of the general public dislike. I have ad more than my fair share of being called a thief over their tax dollars, a lot of them that I pay just like they do. They slough off their frustration over the tax structure to us workers instead of going after the politicians who put all those laws and regulations into place. That is what needs to be fixed with an agency of the government that is not working properly or has some things that need tweaking, like attitude.

In defense of my mom who did my tax return that year, the instructions for using mileage for all intent and purpose could have been printed in another language and understood better. You needed a Philadelphia lawyer to figure it out. The IRS Agent was nasty right off the bat, she had her attitude long before we got to the audit and she got called out on it because their was no reason for her to have that attitude in the first place. They are after all Public Servants. "

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JoJoGunn created the thread Marshall Universityto keep the name Jenkins Hall on a building.
" Several months ago there was a group of folks called "Students for a Democrat Society" milling about on the campus of Marshall University in Huntington, WV. Well these little "progressives" found a building with an offensive name and petitioned to have it removed and changed to something less offensive.

The name of the building is Jenkins Hall, named for a local man from the 1860's, Albert Gallatin Jenkins, who had a plantation up the Ohio River and was also a slave owner. When the Civil War broke out, he left the Legislature and got up a cavalry unit for the Confederacy. He fought all along the Ohio River valley and over in the Shenandoah valley. He was severely wounded at the battle of Cloyd's Mountain having an arm amputated. He died from infection and was brought back to Cabell County and buried in the family cemetery. Later on, he was exhumed and reburied in Spring Hill Cemetery in Huntington.

Sometime in the early 1900's there was a building on the campus named for him, I believe the Daughters of the Confederacy had petitioned for it to be named in his honor since he was a well known Cabell County resident.

Moving up to modern times, this student group found the name offensive and asked the governing board of Marshall U. to take the name off because he was a traitor and slave owner and they felt that buildings should not be named in honor of such people. There was a big flap over it, most students had no idea who Jenkins was and probably didn't care until some group wanting attention brought it out.

They had a hearing on it and sides for and against the name came, presented their case. I was part of a group on FaceBook being invited by the person who started it. She is very Liberal and a Democrat but she felt that this whole thing was a waste of time and that changing the name of this building would do absolutely nothing. I put my opinions on there, because she invited me to do so and I was flamed by every hate filled Liberal on it that I resigned from the group and told the lady why. She understood and tried to stop the other from flaming me, but the damage was done.

Marshall put out a petition with opinion to be included for people that were against the name and those for it. I filled out a long fact filled opinion piece stating that the very name of Marshall University was named after former Chief Justice John Marshall, himself a slave owner and that if you were going to change the name of Jenkins Hall why stop there, change the name of the entire University. That was one of the things I was flamed over on FaceBook when I made that suggestion but the flamers said that it was different with Marshall. Really? Idiots and people who don't know history are going be the ruin of this country.

This action also helped me finally join the Camp A.G. Jenkins Sons of Confederate Veterans group locally. In fact, the ancestor that I used to join fought under Jenkins and stated so at his 90th birthday party in 1935.

Well today, I was informed that Marshall University voted 9-7 to keep the name in place. To pacify the "activists" though they will put a plaque inside of the building denouncing slavery and oppression. I consider this a win for Freedom of Expression and at least 9 people on the board had the cojones to stand up to these Liberals. "

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