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Photon Guy replied to the thread Firing full autos continuously.
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I was just reading a book by Major George C. Nolte, Jr. and he mentions an aluminum case the military was testing. On prolonged firing of a M60 the barrel got so hot that a case ignited "like thermite" and the result was the M60 melting in half! Aluminum melts at 1,220 degrees F, but steel 1,500 degrees F! Interesting.
That's why the weapon needs a good cooling system. "

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Photon Guy replied to the thread Firing full autos continuously.
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Like the water cooled WW2 MGs.


But even they were limited in how long they could fire continuously.
Yes that would definitely be an example of a weapon that could be fired continuously, to some extent.

But with modern weapons that have modern cooling systems that use much better coolants than water, you should be able to fire an entire belt of ammo with a single trigger pull. "

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Photon Guy created the thread Firing full autos continuously.
" I once took a class where we used M-16's on full automatic. During the drills where we did go full auto we were told to only fire in two round bursts as that's how you're supposed to used full automatics. When it comes to magazine fed full automatics such as the M-16 you only want to fire in two or three round bursts, you don't want to fire continuously where you go through an entire magazine with one pull of the trigger.

Now when it comes to belt fed full automatics I do believe you can fire continuously and not have much problems except for the weapon overheating. If the weapon had a cooling system that could do away with the problem with it overheating. So, a belt fed full automatic with a cooling system should be able to be fired continuously without any problems. "

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Photon Guy created the thread Something women might be interested in.
" Women who want to learn to defend themselves with firearms here is something you might be interested in.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCZ0D1LtyJM "

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Photon Guy created the thread Girls and guns.
" I am all for women owning and using guns for lawful purposes. A gun enables a woman to stop a larger stronger man from beating, robbing, raping, murdering, her or from doing, in many cases, all of the above. Therefore I think it is good for women to get guns and to get good training, and if a woman wants to get a gun she should pick out the gun she wants not her husband/boyfriend/father or some other male figure who thinks he knows better than her about what kind of gun she wants.

Anyway I do see lots of grown women shooting guns but not so much with younger girls. Yes, I've seen girls in high school who are shooting guns but I don't see many girls younger than that getting into the shooting sports and the world of guns. I started shooting real guns when I was 11 years old in Boy Scout camp. I find it rare to see girls that age or younger using guns.

I suppose in most cases girls just aren't intrigued by guns the way boys are. Another concern of course is if you've got guns and you've got children in your house. A child is never going to get into a gun safe if its properly locked but not everybody stores their guns that way. You obviously want to keep guns out of the reach of children but I would think that its mostly boy children that are going to play with guns if they get the opportunity. Girls aren't likely to play with guns that they find lying around, although its still not a good idea to keep guns lying around when there's children whether they be boys or girls. "

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Photon Guy created the thread Reclassifying Felonies.
" Being convicted of a felony I take it, is something most people don't want. It greatly affects your life, and in a bad way. Aside from usually having to do at least a year in prison you also lose certain rights as an American citizen. You lose gun rights and voting rights among other rights and you might never be able to hold down a job. If you apply for a job and they see you've got a felony record there is a good chance you won't get the job. To put it simply, I believe I speak for everybody here when I say a felony conviction is something none of us wants.

Anyway, from what I've heard about felony convictions in the old days, and by old days Im talking medieval times, a crime back then was only a felony if it was a very severe crime, and by very severe that means it was punishable by either banishment or execution. Im thinking, maybe we should reclassify felonies here in the USA. A crime in the USA should only be classified as a felony if its bad enough to be punishable by either a life sentence or execution. Lesser crimes should not come with a record that will haunt you for the rest of your life. "

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Photon Guy created the thread Gun Gambles.
" Anybody ever take a gamble and spend a great deal of money to buy a gun that they've never tried or even handled before or seen in action but its a gun they've done research on and its supposed to be a really good gun that's worth of the high price tag? By high price tag Im talking at least four figures and they're not your everyday gun that you would most likely see being used at the range every time you go there. Guns such as Glock, Smith & Wesson, Colt, Sig, Beretta, Ruger, etc. those are your common everyday guns that you often see being used at the range so Im not talking about guns such as those. Im talking about very rare and expensive guns.

I admit I've taken some gun gambles myself. There have been some guns that I spent well over a grand buying and while I had done my research on the guns, the first time I ever fired or handled such guns was when I bought them. So far I've hit the jackpot every time. "

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Photon Guy created the thread Laugo Arms.
" Anybody familiar with Laugo Arms? They're a Czechoslovakian company that makes handguns and their guns are supposedly of very high quality, and a very high price to match it. "

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Photon Guy created the thread Dayton shooter was against gun rights.
" Supposedly the shooter from the recent Dayton, Ohio shooter was very much against gun rights and a strong leftist. Not that all leftists are against gun rights or that all those on the right are for gun rights but apparently the shooter at Dayton was very much against the 2A.

I know that those against gun rights can stoop really low but to stoop this low, well, perhaps I shouldn't be too surprised. Its common for people who are against gun rights and who are all for much stronger gun restrictions to look forward to mass shootings and to use them to further their cause, taking advantage of the victims to push their political agenda, but to think that they would actually do the mass shootings, that people from the anti gun rights crowd would go out and commit the mass shootings and kill innocent people to further their cause, as atrocious as that is that's how some of them operate, such as the Dayton, Ohio shooter. "

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Photon Guy created the thread Investing In A Browning.
" I've got many guns of many great brands but what I haven't got is a Browning. I've been thinking about investing in a Browning, maybe not as my next gun but sooner or later it might be a gun I would want to get. From what I've heard Browning makes some of the best break open shotguns in the world but Im not sure about their pump shotguns or their autoloaders. Back in 2001 I did buy a Remington pump action 12 gauge and aside from some surface rust it has served me well but I will not buy a Remington today as Remington has gone downhill in the quality of their products.

If I do get a Browning it will not be a break open shotgun but probably a pump action or an autoloader so Im looking for feedback on their pump actions and autoloaders. Also Im wondering how their rifles are, it looks like they've got some good .30 06 rifles but the rifles that I see on their website, at least the semi automatic ones which is what I would be getting, don't have iron sights and are meant to be used with a scope. Not that I consider that necessarily a bad thing, lots of riflemen like to use scopes with their rifles instead of iron sights and I've got a rifle that I use a scope with, although its something Im just getting used to. "

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