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truckerjoe created the thread Bear, him one blessed Bear! Him got free money!.
" Bear hiked on down ta that box where some delivery human does put mail (can we still call it mail? Or is that non-gender conforming?) and Bear got him a settlement check from Power and Gas company in town the Bears left pert near seven year ago. Seems Power company had some kind of hanky panky goin on and playin fast & easy with Bear's money! This were a class action against company that Bear knew nuttin 'bout. But Bear side done did win in court!!!

Well now Bear gots him almost as much money as Hammer and Bear tryin ta figgur out how ta spend it. Bear be thinkin 'bout havin full blown PDF party with ever one invited. Bear even thinkin 'bout ever one what do attend get new gun of their chossin.

Now all Bear gotz ta figure out how him gonna pay for it all out Bear settlement check... Bear settlement check were for $0.46! Yep, Bear won a settlement against a huge power company and Bear's share were a whopping forty-six cents! Bear wonderin why them bothered sendin out the check, the postage cost more than Bear got!

Bear blessed, Bear said so! "

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truckerjoe created the thread Bear be headin inta the lion's den....
" Yep, Bear an She Bear leavin in the morn to drive from one Washington to the tother (DC). The Bear's goin unarmed except for Bear's mean soundin growl! Now don't be tellin anyone that ifin Bear were to bite someone him teeth would all fall out on floor! This mean Bears are goina be drivin through such safe places as Chicago, Boston, DC, an a bunch of others... Bear not scared though... "

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truckerjoe created the thread Strange things at the Bear Cave.
" Strange things at the Bear Cave. Bear went to take the trash out about 2AM and found this little guy setting in the corner of the porch. He stayed in place, only moving his head for as long as the Bears stayed out and took the picture. Bear confused. Anyone know what kind of rabbit this is?

Attachment 22222 "

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truckerjoe left a visitor message for Bama61.
" Greetings and Salutations,

I hope that I will not scare you off, but I just got scared! I shipped the .22 I had for sale today and I was floored by what it cost, $66.50! Because I said plus shipping on the Glock that you are interested in I feel it only fair to warn of the shipping costs. If you are still willing to buy I will round the price to $600.00 shipped to your FFL.

Please let me know,

Joe "

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truckerjoe left a visitor message for Hammer1270.
" Greetings Kind and Noble One!

Just wanted to let you know that spaghetti day finally arrived! Your Red Gold sauce is GREAT!!!! "

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truckerjoe left a visitor message for Hammer1270.
" Of course You know that I am not begging... Beg, beg... I just became obsessed when you posted your videos... "

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