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Several of the sites listed in this thread will have the best prices you are going to find and some include free delivery. Your right Chance, no more .45ACP's for 2.5 cents, no more 25 cent gasoline, no more 25 cent's for a pack of smokes either. Heck, they got a loaf a bread up to three dollars or more these days, and the beat goes on.
Yeah. You are (mostly) right. Correction on cigarettes however. We had a nearby military installation at which a carton of cigarettes was $1.02 when I started smoking and about $1.80 at the hometown grocery store. You were right on on the cost of gas however, unless there was a "gas war" in which case it could get down to a penny a gallon and you got a free aluminum tumbler or towel along with Green Stamps. Don't know about bread prices, we grew the oats, ground them, and my mother used the oat flour to make our bread.

Now cigarettes are $65.00 per carton in most of Illinois and almost $100 a carton in Chicago. It is rumored that many Illinois smokers make regular trips to Missouri to buy their smokes.