Not for hunting. For finding out what or who is setting off the motion detector floodlights mounted on the front of our garage every night. Therefore I don't want to spend a lot of money.

I know we have deer, bear, bobcats, skunks etc. in our area. We also have two legged critters that roam the night: A picture was posted in our local weekly paper a few weeks ago of a pair the two legged kind.

I want/need something that will be motion activated and can be set to take pictures or video from dusk to morning, and that costs significantly less than $100. Since we have the motion detector floodlights, the pictures will or should be daylight quality even if taken at night. I think. ?????

Here are 3 that I found on Amazon for starters to think about, but I'm not limited to buying from Amazon.

Any help, experience with trail cams, advice or recommendations of any kind, will be appreciated. We don't have smart phones so need a cam with regular size SD card that will go in my computer SD slot.