Tried this yesterday after reading from Eve Flanigan’s nice cover on it. Thought about how to make 25 or 50 rounds into good training. I’m still developing in so many needed skills so anything I can improve is a +1 for my range time.

This one worked out well, probably ‘cause it starts at 5yds. Still, my first pass, shooting at 4”X11” at increasing speeds for each of 3 mags (6rds ea) showed room for improvement. Second pass I shot at the 6”X6” top, same speed but paying better attention to support hand grip and to trigger management. Big difference, all shots grouped center in 4” circle. More work needed and hopeful development to 7, 10, and 15 yds at least.

Although my competition rig is a stock G17, I used one of my EDC rigs, a G19. Small enough to carry, big enough to handle easily.

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