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Cost of removal of car from river: $6,750.
Cost of environmental clean-up of leaking oils, etc: $2000+.
Cost of erasure from family's estate and future dealings: Priceless.
$6750 to rent a crane to remove waterlogged BMw. That's a Bowel Movement for those who've never had kids or worked in a medical clinic. Round this figure to $10K with nice tip to operator. He can send the kids to the movies. Then take his wife out to dinner. A swanky place with cloth napkins. The classy kind a place the bill comes on a little plate.

Write the young punk OUT of the will and disowned from the family. Send punk bill for crane job beer cost and empty beer bottles. Send bill via Special Messenger or whatever they call it in India. That way the knucklehead cannot say he never got dads last correspondence.

Cleanup Costs: The cost of a case a beer. Is India Pale Ale available in India?

Environmental Damage?? I've seen clips of India and how Indians out and about behave in public. While people there slowly starve to death the people worship the skinniest ugliest cows or bovine critters I ever seen. But for some dumblaw or reason they seem to be forbidden to have a BBQ and put some MEAT on their bones.

Not knowing the price of beer/whiskey I think the price of a case of beer is sufficient for the 2 men who would have watched the crane operator do his job. The Enviro crew would be charged with drinking the beer and recycling said beer to the lake/river car ended up in.