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I would be interested to know why the Mexican President wouldn't like the cartels designated as terrorist organizations. I figure that there is some legal quagmire there, but I don't know what it is or what he thinks it might be.
Just some guesses...

Balance of trade, without the cartel money moving dollars into Mexico, the economy will take a hit. Google England, China, Spices, and Opiates for historical perspective on this.

Perhaps the cartels have political influence in Mexico? (rhetorical question, of course they do. And those politicians running on genuine law-and-order platforms lost elections with no second chance. IIRC, dozens were assassinated in the last election)

Genuine fear of destabilization if the US does take military action in Mexico. Remember the southern part of the country is already in an effective state of civil war. Makes our southern border problem seem trivial by comparison.