Need a holster before Christmas?
I can take a few orders and guarantee to have the holster in the mail with plenty of time to be delivered before Christmas. I cant control the mail but, as long as there are no shipping issues, I can have it done and in your hands before Christmas.
This will be ONLY for guns I have ON MY GUN LIST. Please contact me, @, if you don't see your gun on the list as I still need to update my list with molds I've added to my stock. Please note that this will exclude belts and shoulder holsters.

This offer will fill fast so if your interested !!!!!PLEASE EMAIL ME FIRST!!!!! to make sure I have everything for your order, then place the order.!!!!!!Please do not contact me and get a yes then wait 30 minutes to a hour before placing the orders as it may be too late at that point to get your order done in time.

I can only handle a handful of orders to make this guarantee. So if you need it before Christmas then order now, but PLEASE CONTACT ME BY EMAIL FIRST.

Please email me, Please no private messages as they can sometimes be delayed for a day before I receive them.

Happy Holidays!!!